How awesome are Chinese underwater robots? New underwater motor available.

April 15, 2020
Latest company news about How awesome are Chinese underwater robots? New underwater motor available.

News background

Recently, some pictures of Chinese underwater robots photographed in the deep sea have attracted many people ’s attention: the "Discovery" remote unmanned submersible carried on the scientific ship "Science" photographed the "Underwater Garden", and two heads were also collected A pink, whitish snail-shaped mollusk deep-water sea rabbit; the HD video of the "Deep Sea Warrior" manned submersible operating in a 2000-meter deep sea was also exposed for the first time, showing us a magical underwater world.

In fact, including the "Discovery" and "Deep Sea Warrior", the underwater robots developed in our country have formed a "family", here we will introduce some of the representative members.


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"Hairen No. 1"

China's first underwater robot

The ocean occupies the vast majority of the earth's surface, and it breeds endless resources and rich treasures. The development and utilization of marine resources has become a strategy for various countries to compete for development. Underwater robots are an important means of exploring the ocean. Underwater robots can generally be divided into three categories: cabled underwater robots (ROV), cableless autonomous underwater robots (AUV) and manned submersibles (HOV).

According to the domestic market demand, in 1979, a team headed by Jiang Xinsong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, first proposed a marine robot research plan in China. In 1982, the Chinese Academy of Sciences formally established a project to carry out "application research of intelligent machinery in the ocean".

The first underwater robot in our country was born in 1985. It is called "Hairen No. 1" (HR-01) and is a cabled underwater robot.

The prototype of "Hairen No. 1" developed by Shenyang Automation was successfully launched in Dalian in December 1985. In 1986, the improved "Hairen No. 1" completed the maritime test.

"Hairen No. 1" has a total power of 20 horsepower and a maximum operating water depth of 200 meters. It is a research work carried out by our scientific researchers based on independent technology and based on domestic supporting conditions. It is an important milestone in the development history of China's underwater robots.


China's first cableless autonomous underwater robot

In 1994, Shenyang Automation Institute successfully developed the "Explorer" autonomous cableless underwater robot. Its working depth reached 1,000 meters, and the cable connected with the mother ship was thrown away, realizing a leap from cable to cableless.

In October of that year, the "Explorer" conducted five maritime trials in the South China Sea and successfully dived to a depth of 1,000 meters near the Xisha Islands, becoming the pioneer of our country to reach the deep sea.

CR-01 China's first cableless autonomous underwater robot for 6000 meters


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In 1992, Shenyang Institute of Automation cooperated with the Russian Institute of Marine Technical Problems, the China National Shipbuilding Corporation 702, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Acoustics Institute and other units, and began to develop a 6,000-meter autonomous underwater robot-CR-01.

It went to the Pacific twice in 1995 and 1997 to carry out investigations, and obtained a large number of submarine polymetallic nodules videos, photos, and acoustic data, which provided an important basis for resource exploration in the development area. Its success made China one of the few countries in the world with a 6,000-meter underwater robot.

The significance of its successful development is also that China has the ability to carry out detailed exploration of sea areas other than trenches. In 1991, the China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association was approved by the United Nations as the fifth pioneer investor in deep sea mining, undertaking the exploration mission of 300,000 square kilometers of ocean floor, and eventually possessing the most abundant mineral resources in the 75,000 square kilometers of sea area. Priority mining rights. CR-01 provides a powerful technical means for this.

In 1997, CR-01 was rated as one of the top ten scientific and technological progress in China. In the same year, it won the Special Award for Scientific and Technological Progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Comprehensive Major Achievement Award.


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